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Hidden Dash Cam For Car

This hd 1280x720 pro camera car recorder is perfect for recording your car's performance in the night. It has a included wifi so you can keep track of the video with your phone, and the dvr keeps you organized with live tracking. The hidden cam function keeps you safe and secure while recording, and the camera can be turned on and off as you please.

Hidden Dash Cam For Car Amazon

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Hidden Dash Cam For Car Ebay

This is a perfect car camera for those who want to keep track of the night in detail. The dash cam can record up to 30 sides per minute and can store live or video memories in to " curriculm " for future reference. The hidden dash cam can also track nightvision andg-sensor to help with safety. the hidden dash cam for car is designed to help drivers keep track of the going of your vehicle in terms of night or daytime. The front and rear hidden car camera systems give you full access to your car's interior while the wdr ensures your vision remains secure. The camera's screen is equipped with a digital camera card with a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels. With the use of a hands-free phone application, you can also take pictures and videos with this car driving recorder. This camera has a built in g-sensor that monitors your phone's charging battery and sends a warning if it's to many calories left on the car's battery. The video quality is great for video and pictures. The camera also has a main camera that can record video and still pictures if you want to share the video or picture with others. With a 1080p resolution, it can also record video and confidently record video from the inside and outside of the car. Additionally, the g-sensor night vision helps you keep track of your stopes and movements in the dark.