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Police Horn For Car

The police horn for car is a great accessory for any car! It's an excellent safety precaution for when you know someone is about to get into a fight with a dangerous driver, or when you need to get your business done quickly. The police horn has a high volume level and a loud sound so you can hear it over the sound system of your car. The kit includes a pa speaker, mic system, and 200w car power.

Siren For Car

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Police Siren Horn For Car

This is a great horn for a car that needs to be woken up by the police. It has a super loud sound that can be heard by other drivers a few blocks away. It also has a speaker beneath the horn and can be turned off if you want. This is a high-quality police horn and a great value for the price. the police siren is a unique high-pitched sound that becomes known around the world as the xukey car snail horn. This horns is waterproof and can be used for car maintained purposes as well as for police purposes. The horn can be operated with a push of a button. this car horn is a 100 watt 12 volt 7 sound loud car alarm that will police or fire your vehicle. It has a speaker in it so you can call for backup if needed. The almighty horn can handle big sounds with ease. this car horn is a 7 sound loud car warning alarm system that will sound if your car is stopped or someone opens the door for you. It has a pa speaker system so you can talk to others about the situation and a remote control horn to make it easy to use.