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Sunglass Holder For Car

Our sun visor holder for the car is perfect for holding onto your sunglasses, sunglasses cases or even your eyeglasses. It's a brown leather case with a 6pack car auto sun visor clip holder for glasses, andeyeglass ticket card. Made from durable materials, this case is perfect for keeping your sunglasses with you on the go.

Sunglass Holder For Car Visor

If you're looking for a way to keep your eyes open while driving, you might be interested in using a glass holder. These holders are usually made to fit perfectly over your glass window, and can keep your eyes open by providing a view of the road.

Sunglasses Holder For Car

This perfect if you're looking for a sun glasses holder for your car! These sunglasses clips on top of the car window are perfect for holding on to your sunglasses as you drive. Made of 2-in-1 carbon fibre and plastic, the sunglasses holder is a great way to keep your sunglasses with you in your car. this sunglasses holder is made of plastic and is made to fit around the sunvisor of a vehicle. It has a small hole in the back for removing the sunglasses when not in use. It is also adjustable to fit any size of sunglasses. this brand new sunglasses case for your car is perfect for when you're in the middle of a cold one. The case ensures that your sunglasses are always with you, while the clip keeps them on place. this clip is perfect to keep your sunglasses at the ready when you're driving in the paria! The stylish and sturdy clip will keep them on track while you're reading or driving, and you'll never have to let them fall off your eyes.